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Logic Dictates the Wrong Answer

Recently I was told by a person trying to convince me that an illogical but emotional appeal will have no effect upon a jury because logic has a way of overcoming emotional decisions.  I wondered if that really could be true since I have always believed that persuasion involves one part logic and two parts emotion.  [...] Continue reading

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10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips From A Mediator

By Steven G. Mehta I want to wish everyone a Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving.   However, not all Thanksgiving Experiences are happy and blessed.  For those of you who may be worried about having the less than perfect thanksgiving, I thought I would give you some Mediation Thanksgiving Tips to Help you with that Challenging Family [...] Continue reading

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How To Receive Criticism

By Steven G. Mehta There comes a time in every mediator, litigator or person’s life when somebody that you have a relationship with — whether it be business or personal — gives you criticism.  How you react can make a huge difference. The criticism I speak of is not criticism that you know is coming [...] Continue reading

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