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We hear the other side’s words, but how well are we really listening?

I’ve been struck by several situations in which one party to a conversation or discussion obviously was listening to what was being said, but it was equally obvious that the listener wasn’t really hearing what was being said Continue reading

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10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips From A Mediator

By Steven G. Mehta I want to wish everyone a Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving.   However, not all Thanksgiving Experiences are happy and blessed.  For those of you who may be worried about having the less than perfect thanksgiving, I thought I would give you some Mediation Thanksgiving Tips to Help you with that Challenging Family [...] Continue reading

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Major Mistakes In Mediation Briefs

By Steven G. Mehta It is never ceases to fascinate me that there are so many styles of providing mediation briefs.  Recently, I   received a brief that screamed “I don’t want to do this case.” As a result, I thought I might give some of the biggest mistakes in mediation briefs.   Don’t Know Your [...] Continue reading

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What Grade is Your Settlement?

By Steven G. Mehta Many times when parties to mediation talk about the settlement value of a case, they talk about one number.  The case should settle for $100,000, or $50,000, or whatever number is at issue.  However, all too often that single number is a flawed method of helping you to figure out the [...] Continue reading

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Collaborative Law: High energy, out of the box legal creativity

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) held its 12th annual Forum. As always, this Forum was an amazing event, four days of insightful, profound and transformative thought in the legal profession. Continue reading

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How To Receive Criticism

By Steven G. Mehta There comes a time in every mediator, litigator or person’s life when somebody that you have a relationship with — whether it be business or personal — gives you criticism.  How you react can make a huge difference. The criticism I speak of is not criticism that you know is coming [...] Continue reading

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