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United Nations Give Guidance to Mediators

With armed conflicts trending upward and proving increasingly complex, the challenges are also mounting for mediators working to resolve them through negotiations. Guidance now available from the United Nations can help them to succeed, providing practical advice for navigating mediation processes effectively. The UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, presented in September 2012 at a high-level [...] Continue reading

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Cell Phones Hurt Communication

Cell phones have revolutionized the way that we communicate.  Many people attorneys believe that having a cell phone has made them more efficient and productive.  But is there a cost?  Can cell phones actually hinder communication.  My answer is yes. According to new research from Andrew Przybylski and Netta Weinstein, cell phones can actually harm the interactivity [...] Continue reading

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Logic Dictates the Wrong Answer

Recently I was told by a person trying to convince me that an illogical but emotional appeal will have no effect upon a jury because logic has a way of overcoming emotional decisions.  I wondered if that really could be true since I have always believed that persuasion involves one part logic and two parts emotion.  [...] Continue reading

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What if we took losing out of dispute resolution?

I was recently on Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA relaxing and journal writing.  I noticed two women hitting a volleyball back and forth in a small box on the sand.  In the aftermath of gold and silver medals for U.S. women’s beach volleyball a… Continue reading

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