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New Blog Location

Moving forward the new Mediation Matters blog articles will be posted to my own website.  You will be able to find all of the archived blogs and new blog articles at the following URL:
Thank you!
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My final offer is a very Precise and Exact number.

Here is a brief article in the Boston Globe regarding making and responding to offers.  Many litigators consider this approach to be a sound negotiating strategy. Now there is some science to support it. “NEXT TIME YOU find yourself in a negotiation, don’t just throw out a round number. In a series of experiments, researchers from […] Continue reading

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Liar, Liar, Texts on Fire

You can’t go anywhere without someone texting you today.  For some, text messages are the preferred source of communications.  But how accurate are texts and can we rely on this form of communication? The reality is that text message, while efficient, is a very flawed method of communicating.  According to longstanding research by Mehrabian, 93% […] Continue reading

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How Long is That Person Going to Vent?

By Steven G. Mehta, It is very common in mediation and negotiation for parties to want to vent their anger, frustration, or angst.  However, according to several participants who are on the listening end of such venting, there is only so much venting that they can take or accept without feeling like they have to […] Continue reading

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Your Super Powerful all convincing Mediation Statement

So you want persuade the other side or the mediator?  Well use more adjectives and you will be amazing in your power of persuasion according to new research. Purdue researchers contrasted the use of adjectives by successful and less successful authors, both in classics and modern books.  They found that in both cases, the author […] Continue reading

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Lies Can Easily Be The Truth

Many people are shocked and amazed when they find out that the juries are susceptible to lies of unscrupulous experts or witnesses.  They often state with incredulity that the truth should come out in trial.  Unfortunately, however, the truth doesn’t always come out.  Recently, a study from Australia helped to give a better understanding why […] Continue reading

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One Bad Act Can Cost You Way More In the Long Run

So you have had one bad interaction with opposing counsel or the opposing party.  You would like to make it right.  So one good interaction should make it all better, right?  Wrong.  The reality is that one good interaction does not make up for one bad.  I know this to be true from every time […] Continue reading

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Negotiaflirt. A Powerful Tool In A Woman’s Negotiation Purse

A recent study from UC Berkely has discovered that women can use flirtation as a very effective negotiation technique.  This is not true, however for men.  Flirtatiousness, female friendliness, or the more diplomatic description “feminine charm” is an effective way for women to gain negotiating mileage, according to a new study by Haas School Professor Laura [...] Continue reading

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I’m Back!

I know that for the last 6 months, I have not been publishing as much as I used to.  During this time period, I have missed writing but was forced due to many personal circumstances to not write.  Among these circumstances was the passing of a loved one and dealing with that loss amongst the [...] Continue reading

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The Backfire Effect

Recently, I have been looking into the concept of the backfire effect. That effect plainly states that when people are entrenched in their view, the more information that you provide them to combat their belief, the more they believe in their position.

Here is a video explaining the concept.

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