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Situational Dispute Resolution is focus of Armenian Business Network Presentation

What do Bill Belichick’s coaching approach, grapevines and dispute resolution have in common?  They were all tied together in a creative and engaging way by employment lawyer and mediator Michael Zeytoonian, in his September 13 presentation to the Armenian Business Network (ABN).  Zeytoonian was the guest speaker for the organization’s program and meeting at Abbey Lane restaurant in Boston, and …

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Your Super Powerful all convincing Mediation Statement

So you want persuade the other side or the mediator?  Well use more adjectives and you will be amazing in your power of persuasion according to new research. Purdue researchers contrasted the use of adjectives by successful and less successful authors, both in classics and modern books.  They found that in both cases, the author […] Continue reading

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Cell Phones Hurt Communication

Cell phones have revolutionized the way that we communicate.  Many people attorneys believe that having a cell phone has made them more efficient and productive.  But is there a cost?  Can cell phones actually hinder communication.  My answer is yes. According to new research from Andrew Przybylski and Netta Weinstein, cell phones can actually harm the interactivity [...] Continue reading

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The Mediator and the Hare: Story Telling in Mediation

Story telling is a fundamental part of human interaction.  From early on, humans communicated through stories.  They taught lessons through stories, and they experienced life through stories.  Take a look at all religious books — The Bible, the Bhagvad Gita, etc — and they are all stories with a purpose. Behavioral psychologist Susan M. Weinschenk Ph.D. notes: Research [...] Continue reading

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Don’t Judge a Mediation By its Cover

By Steven G. Mehta Recently I was reminded of the the old adage, “never judge a book by its cover.”  Prior to mediation, one of the parties to the mediation wrote that the case will never settle.  At that point the attorney for the party proceeded to write a compendium about why the case will [...] Continue reading

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