We are moving to be a part of The Collaborative Outpost

We want to share some exciting news.  Our firm, Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC, has moved to a new location at 9 Main Street, Southborough, MA.  We are joining other forward-thinking law firms in a new project in which these like-minded, client-driven firms will be under one roof and part of a new place called The Collaborative Outpost.  These firms at The Collaborative Outpost share a common bond: We all offer dispute resolution processes that are intentionally designed to reach the best resolution of disputes possible. We offer options for resolving disputes including Early 3-D Mediation, Collaborative Law, Ombuds Services, Neutral Case Evaluation and other processes and hybrids designed to be responsive to the unique situations our clients present.

What is our “Why”?  To be responsive to your needs and give you value

Our goal is to continue to work with our clients to meet your needs in ways that are responsive to your specific situation and designed to help achieve your goals efficiently and creatively.  We believe that your interests and needs should drive what we do and how we work to assist you; that is how we can give you the most value.  Our processes are designed to respond to your unique legal needs, rather than expect you to conform to outdated methods that are not designed around your specific circumstances.  Our approach is “situational” rather than the outdated “business as usual; this is how we have always done it” way in which many traditional firms still operate.  That makes us uniquely different, agile to adapt to your situation and design around your needs to give you value.

No More Billable Hours

As part of this desire to continue to be responsive to our clients and provide you with value, we have steadily moved away from the old billable hour means of charging for legal work to pricing methods that our clients prefer and that better reflect the value of our work to our clients.  Our flat rate billing and project-based packages give you more value and also help you budget these costs.

Our approach: Problem-solving, Efficient, Agile, Creative

Our move to forming The Collaborative Outpost brings together several firms that all approach our clients’ legal challenges and disputes with a problem solving mindset, working with you to achieve the best results possible.  We have moved away from using litigating and court intervention to resolve disputes to a collaboration of your interests and goals and our creative skills, ideas and experience.  We are replacing cumbersome, reactive, adversarial processes with proactive approaches intentionally designed to solve our clients’ problems.  In this way, we better serve your needs by being cost and time efficient, and avoiding the draining of your energies, emotions and resources.

We invite you to utilize some of our forward thinking approaches like our Dispute Resolution Process Assessment, our 3-D Mediation, our Primary Care Lawyer packages and our laser focus, from our first meeting, on helping you reach the kind of resolution that accomplishes your goals.

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